Muslim Wedding Cards

                                                         Muslim wedding cards are sent to inform guests of (Nikaah), the wedding ceremony.  Although prosaic  terms, that the wedding invitation is just a way to announce the names of the bride and groom, place and time of Nikaah.

Marriage is a joyous occasion – which means that everyone comes together in circle of love. Therefore, as an omen of good fortune, it is natural that the wedding cards were designed in the most beautiful. After all, customers are greeted by many people and not pay attention to the route map aesthetic, cultural and religious, and the message.

Muslim wedding cards are very traditional. You can find the colors and patterns typical of these, the wedding cards. According to the religious significance, the green color is great. Other popular colors used in the Muslim wedding cards include cream, gold and red. “Mehndi” is for good luck, because fertility is as worthy of a wedding.

Muslim wedding cards brings the beauty along with poetry of old heritage the Mughals and the Afghans. Muslim wedding cards usually have designs that recall the ancient Muslim art. The great projects of the leaves, the intricate patterns, domes, peacock feathers, etc., are common. These traditional designs are even adorned with decorative objects such as stones and bindi. Using foil, handmade paper, satin, silk and velvet, wedding cards are made to look even more attractive and appealing.

Although not mandatory, wedding cards, most Muslims are carriers of some verses of the Koran. This is the purpose of giving blessings to the couple for the road ahead of them. In this context, it should be remembered that the ancient cultures and religions place great emphasis on the marriage ceremony. In these cultures, marriage is a lifelong union. Therefore, it is natural to seek the blessing of a higher authority when you embark on this partnership.

Besides poetry, some cards can also carry meaning symbols of marriage, as the image of the moon. Calligraphy plays main role in traditional Muslim wedding cards. This is how Muslim tradition celebrates their wedding with pomp and show.


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